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Our Project

  • Industrial Building In Texas(Dallas, Houston), and Georgia(Atlanta, Commerce, Locust Grove, Etc)

  • Commercial Building In Texas(Dallas, Houston, Austin)

  • Industrial Clean Room & HVAC In Texas(Austin, Taylor)

  • Restaurant In Texas, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Etc.

  • Professional Office In Texas, and Oklahoma

  • Retail Shopping Center In Texas, Alabama, New Jersey, Etc.

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Corporation & Commercial

We understand that people are a company's most important resource. We are passionate about creating collaborative, healthy offices and campuses for our corporate clients to do their best work. Our real estate development clients spot potential and possibility, while we help make it a reality. We partner to help solve problems, support budget and schedule goals, and adapt to the rigor of urban and suburban development trends



With technology, research, & development driving the future, Holder has increased R&D and computing capabilities for some of the world’s most innovative companies. Heavy mechanical, electrical, and plumbing, as well as mission-critical needs, place these projects among our most complex. Our processes are built for coordinating the complicated, maintaining security and confidentiality, and commissioning for the highest quality labs and research facilities of all kinds.

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